Penske Australia & NZ’s Response to COVID-19

Penske Guild’s 2019 Master Technician Awarded
July 30, 2019
‘Penske Certified’ Launched in New Zealand
July 13, 2020

More than ever during this challenging time, Penske Australia & New Zealand remains committed to supporting your business. Maintaining supply of the goods and services that you provide to your customers in Australia and New Zealand has never been more vital, and all of us at Penske stand prepared to play our part in reducing disruptions to your business.

We feel it is appropriate to inform you of the actions Penske is taking to ensure both the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff, and that your transportation and power needs are being met.

We have implemented company-wide, as well as location specific, business continuity plans that will be invoked should one of our sites be affected. Each of our locations has introduced a range of measures designed to minimise the possibility of infection spreading through our business and communities, and every day a dedicated Response Task Force is meeting with our operations management team to gauge the effectiveness of our approach. A few examples of the steps Penske has introduced at each of its locations include:

• Equipping each site with personal hygiene supplies and PPE for our staff and customers, and continuously communicating hygiene protocol to our personnel.

• Alternate work arrangements to isolate field service staff and ensure no cross contamination between sites.

• Enacting split shifts for our critical staff, including warehouse and technical personnel, to limit the risk of infection.

• Engaging with a medical-grade cleaning supplier in case decontamination of our facilities is required.

• Cleaning of truck cabins before and after a truck is serviced.

• Cleaning of service vehicles after each shift change.

Finally, remain assured that our distribution centres are fully stocked and operational, our supply chain is secure and we are fully staffed, all backed by a robust and secure IT system that permits us to assist you from our branch locations, home or the road.

Penske will continue to proactively monitor this rapidly-evolving situation and implement stepped measures in order to maximise the safety of all, while continuing to support our customers in these unprecedented times.

All of us at Penske recognise that you and your business play a vital role in keeping Australia and New Zealand up and running, and today this is more important than ever. Our goal is to ensure that our doors stay open so that yours can too.