All new Detroit app launched

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November 6, 2015
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Detroit launches all-new app

Detroit, the leading heavy-duty diesel engine brand in Australia and New Zealand, has launched a free app for its dedicated on-highway customers.

Innovative and easy-to-use, the all-new app from Penske Power Systems provides a visually rich, interactive way for customers to get the latest from Detroit, with engine fault code and parked regeneration information, dealer location and GPS capability, and much more.

“Detroit’s app gives DD15 owners and drivers vital information that they require out on the road, including truck stop locations, fatigue management information, and a specific menu to store all their important engine information for warranty records and more,” said Kevin Dennis, Director of Penske Power Systems On-highway Business.

The app will allow access to a Detroit engine showcase and a series of videos to improve customer familiarisation with the DD15 and its components, while also holding up-to-date specials and promotional items, as well as a database of information that can be accessed offline or without phone signal.

“Detroit in Australia and New Zealand is always looking to give its customers more, be it through engine enhancements or through customer engagement,” said Mr Dennis.

“The app is another way we can help customers who are out there on the road every day to be readily in touch with us.

“Our customers work in an increasingly mobile industry, and the new app is a one-stop shop for all Detroit information. It has been developed specifically for our customers.”

App users can use a “contact us” function to send an email to the Penske Power Systems team, making it easier than ever for Detroit customers to get the engine support they require.

The app is now available through the Apple Store and Google Play by searching “Detroit Penske Power Systems”.