Penske Kings Park – Defence Programmes Group

Opening Hours & Location

Penske Kings Park - Defence Programmes Group

7 Garling Road,
Kings Park NSW 2148

Hours of Operation

Monday 6am - 5pm
Tuesday 6am - 5pm
Wednesday 6am - 5pm
Thursday 6am - 5pm
Friday 6am - 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

By appointment only.

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Welcome to Penske Australia's Defence Programmes Group.

Headquartered in Kings Park with personnel located nationally, Penske Australia's Defence Programmes Group works closely with the defence sector to provide customised propulsion and power generation solutions, along with life of type logistic support, for defence combatants.

To learn more about our defence capabilities, click here.

Christmas and New Year Hours





Monday 20th December6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm
Tuesday -21st December 6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm
Wednesday 22nd December 6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm
Thursday 23rd December6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm
Friday 24th December6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm
Saturday 25th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Sunday 26th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Monday 27th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Tuesday 28th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Wednesday 29th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Thursday 30th DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Friday 31st DecemberClosedClosedClosed
Saturday 1st JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Sunday 2nd JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Monday 3rd JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Tuesday 4th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Wednesday 5th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Thursday 6th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Friday 7th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Saturday 8th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Sunday 9th JanuaryClosedClosedClosed
Monday10th January6am - 5pm6am - 5pm6am - 5pm